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Vivatone is another of the well known hearing aid companies that strives to provide quality products for hard of hearing consumers worldwide. They have two different product lines, which include the Entre Plus and the Prelude. Both lines feature what Vivatone has termed the Totally Open Canal Technology. This means that none of their devices plugs up the ear. Instead, all their models are behind the ear aids that have very small receivers that are placed in the wearer’s ear canal.

Each line of Vivatone aids for hearing has a number of different models. For example, the Entre Plus line includes the 225, 250, 350, 450, and 550. As the number increases, the device becomes more advanced. For example, the 225 is their baseline model, which means that it does not have as many settings. It does, however, feature a good battery life of 160 hours on average. This model has two channels, two memories and six programmable bands. All the Entre Plus models come in four different color options. The 550 is their top of the line Entre Plus model, and it has four memories and four channels. It also features twelve programmable bands. However, its battery life is somewhat reduced, and it averages around eighty hours. The 550 is also one of the smaller aids that Vivatone offers, making it their most discreet option.

The Prelude only has two different models, which include the 25 and the 50. The 25 is only offered in one color—beige. It can be adjusted to pick up different frequencies, and the consumers do not need any type of programming software with this aid. It is designed to cut out feedback or the annoying whistling noise that wearers sometimes hear. The 50 comes in two colors, beige and gray, and it has one memory, two channels, and six programming bands. Both of these models are considered to be entry level models, and they both have a battery life of around ninety hours.

Customers have been pleased with the open ear technology that gets rid of the plugged-up feeling that often results from wearing in the ear. They have also enjoyed good sound quality from this manufacturer. Some people have experienced problems with moisture damage and wax buildup with these aids. Consumers should not see too many problems if they maintain their units properly by keeping them clean and dry. The prices for these aids tend to range from inexpensive to moderately expensive. Some online retailers sell some Vivatone models for less than $1000 each, but the average is somewhere between $2000 and $2500 per aid.

If you are experiencing problems with your hearing, you should make an appointment to see your doctor or to see an audiologist. They will be able to test your hearing to determine if you are experiencing hearing loss. Even if you have tried other open ear hearing aids in the past, you might want to give Vivatone a try to see if their new technology fits your lifestyle and budget.

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Glynda Sackfield July 15, 2012 Reply

My father has the old vivatone aids that has only 3 levels if hearing. I can no longer find the filters for them. Can you advise me where I can get them?

Helen Cookman September 14, 2012 Reply

My mother owns vivatone hearing aids her doctor says they need to be made stronger and that the wire that hurts her ear can be removed. She lives in Palm Beach Gardens Flordia where can we take it to be worked on. We recently relocated to flordia thank you Helen

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