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Sonic Innovations is a well-known global company that helps manufacture and distribute hearing aids and hearing solutions. They have a presence, along with their partners, in over twenty countries worldwide, and they have over 700 employees.

People need these devices for a number of different reasons. Conductive hearing loss, where the eardrum or the bones within the organ are damaged, and sensorineural hearing loss, where the auditory nerve is damaged, are two common types of hearing loss. Hearing loss can be caused by head injuries, repeated exposure to loud noises, infections or diseases, birth defects and other reasons.

Sonic Innovations currently offers a couple of different models and solutions, including a model called the Velocity. This aid has four different types, and they are the 4, the 6, the 12, and the 24 with the 24 being the most advanced. This model comes in a number of different styles, including completely in the canal, mini canal, half shell and behind the ear, to name a few. With this model, the outer shell is removable, and it can be purchased in a number of different colors including red and blue, which allows the customer to personalize their product.

The Endura is their newest product, and it is a Super Power Behind the Ear model. It has the most up to date technology. It includes their patented Sonic Sound, which is a way to digitally process sound so that it sounds very natural. It also features Direct Audio Input, and it is compatible with Bluetooth devices.

The Touch is another device that Sonic Innovations manufactures, and it is an extremely small discreet model that still features many of the technological advancements often found in larger hearing aids. This model has a small behind the ear portion and a speaker unit that fits well. The two pieces are connected by a tiny cord, making the unit largely unnoticeable when properly inserted.

The Ion is another very small unit built by the same company, and it comes in three different types—the ion, the ion 200, and the ion 400. Like the Touch, the Ion has a small behind ear piece and a tube that fits inside your ear. All three types come with feedback cancellation as well as different listening programs. They also feature moisture resistance and come in a number of different colors.

Some products include the latest technology, and can be quite expensive when compares with other units. The Endura, for example, can be purchased for around $2000. The different Ion units can average from $1200 to over $2000, depending on the distributor. Some models are more or less expensive depending on the technology that they feature, but they average between $1700 and $2200 per aid. Many Sonic Innovations customers have said that they  are extremely comfortable and have a very natural sound. Certain types and levels of hearing loss will sometimes require a specific unit to improve your condition — you should always contact your healthcare provider prior to making a purchase.

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Hasan March 26, 2011 Reply

Hi i am Hasan ghani. I want a small lest haring aid.which model was a small lest model that i have Bay that.plz send me

Abdullah Hafez December 22, 2011 Reply

Hello there,
I just bought a velocity 24 Sonic
I could not find a web page which would give me detailed information about the device I even got the bluetooth that should go with it.
I need to learn more about both
I am sure U can help me on that
Love and thanx,
Abdullah Hafez
Riyadh Saudi Arabia
00966553309233 Mobile

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